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By Apil Ghimire,

The Government of Nepal has also listed Patihani areas the hundreds of tourist destinations in the list .Especially beautiful places around Ghatgain are being decorated.Umbrella street This year will be important for tourists. This street is being built like that is in Pattaya, Thailand .Selfi points, statues of various animals, water fountains etc. are constructed.

Visitors can do activities such as bird watching, jungle safari, boat riding, cart riding, elephant riding.In the evening. entertainment can bedone by watching the various dances of the tribal Tharu and also eating delicious dishes while camp firing.Sun setting is another attraction of Patihani. The view of the sunset shadow on the edge of the evening in rapti river is really tempting.

Who could not be happier to see the wild animals, endangered pate tigers, ghariyal crocodiles, a single rhinoceros, colourful butterflies and birds in Chitwan National Park?

Chitamai and Bikram Baba are the destinations of the historical, religious and cultural significance of the Patihani region. Tens thousands of religious tourists visit this place every year.

The historic lotus pond,Kamalpokhari where the attractive lotus has charmed, is also a destination. Small and star hotels are in operation as per the tourist attraction. Quality lodge with delicious food and convenience room can be easily booked. Everyone can enjoy Alone, with family or friends. After traveling about 15km south from Chaubiskothi in Bharatpur, the banks of the Rapti can be reached to Pathani.

According to Bishnu Raj Mahato, ward chairman of Ward No 22 Bharatpur Metropolis and Ward 22 are preparing for a successful tour year as announced by the Government of Nepal.

The Honorable Ramlal Mahato, Member of provinence 3 Parliament, said that the tourist destinations of Patihani, Beeshajar Lake, Sommeshore area of ​​Madi, Batulipokhari Lake and other places are important. Adventurous policy should be formulated to protect and promote it,He said.

Tourists coming to visit the hidden pearls Patihani, will increase if the  prepearing is done on time and if there is formal discussion.